How could I not?


With 40 million+ people in the US alone suffering from anxiety how could I not create this course?

I have suffered the greatest anxiety, panic attacks and insecurities.

I have had weeks in my past of being unable to leave the house.

I have developed simple and empowering strategies to help me breakthrough the anxiety cycle and keep it under control.

It has been a long journey and hopefully this course will help many people.

With love

Nicole x

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How do you measure success?

Bicycles in Bruges, West Flanders ,Belgium

A quick question for you today.

How do you measure your success?

I simply measure my success by the amount of time my family spends laughing and smiling.


Because without a happy family, no amount of money or possessions matter to me.

If my family are laughing and smiling then I know that all areas of our life are going well. We are paying enough attention to our health, finances, careers etc

If  we aren’t laughing enough then something needs our attention.

Perhaps we are working too hard and not paying enough attention to our health.

Perhaps we have not paid enough attention to our finances.

Find something that really matters to you and use that as your measure of success.

Let me know how you measure your success in the comments below.

Unleash The Creative Within

Studying creativity isn’t just for artists.


Creativity is what will allow you to start or take your business to a whole new level.

Creativity is what will allow you to find ways to reach financial freedom

Creativity will enable deep and connected relationships

Creativity will help you find purpose, fulfillment and alignment

Creativity will bring passion, joy and excitement to all areas of your life

Who is this for? Anyone wanting to discover and UNLEASH their creative side. Especially those that believe they don’t have ‘a creative bone’ within their body. Anybody that wants to take their creativity to the next level

What do you get? A 30 day course with lessons, tools and assignments to help you break through creative blocks or take your creativity to the next level.

Cost?  $33.  Please use the Paypal link below to make payments. Thank you

As with all of my courses I offer personal email support to give you all of the guidance, motivation and accountability you need!Untitled-8
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With Love



Anxiety Attacks. It sure does.

Image by These Little Lights
Image by These Little Lights

Do you or anyone you know suffer from anxiety ?

According to the Anxiety And Depression Society Of America  ‘Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older (18% of U.S. population’

Anxiety can be debilitating. It prevents you from enjoying your life, let alone achieving your goals.

It causes your relationships to suffer. In fact every damn area of your life can suffer.

I would love to help. After years of struggling with anxiety triggered by a major car accident, I have found what has worked for me. (without medication). I did try medication for a little while but it just left me feeling awful.

I think I was a little anxious as a child but a few years back when a drink driver lost control of his car and drove through the bench that I was sitting on my anxiety really kicked in. For months afterwards I could barely leave the house. If I don’t practice my techniques today I can still slip back into old patterns of letting anxiety rule my  moods, decisions and life..

Because I know how hard it can be I would love to help anyone who suffers from any type or level of anxiety. Maybe what works for me will work for you, maybe not, but really what have you got to lose?

Please connect with me below, I am offering this help for free as it is so close to my heart. Leave your name and address and I will get back to you.

Please share with anyone you think may benefit from some free advice.


Thank you


7 Tips For Creating A Profitable Newsletter

Most newsletters are deleted before they are even opened.

A great newsletter is crucial to the growth of any business. Below are 7 tips for creating a newsletter that people will actually read. If you don’t have your own business yet, creating a newsletter will help you to connect with people and build a database. Continue reading