I currently have three programs on offer. Each program comes with personal email support and a money back guarantee if you do not feel you have received value for money.  Please let me know if you have any questions I am happy to help.


The  Living Tree Program


Tired of seeing the same goals on your list year after year? Achieving your goals only to be left feeling unfulfilled or burnt out?

 An 8 module course designed to help you take your life to the next level. Create more purpose in your life and most of all enjoy abundance and fulfillment.

A few of the many ways The Living Tree Program will help you

  1. Create the ideal conditions for real growth and change
  2. Move from resistance to flow
  3. Learn which actions create real results
  4. How to be productive rather than busy
  5. Practical tips for creating abundance
  6. The three keys to achieving any goal
  7. How to use negative emotions and feelings to your advantage
  8. Achieve more by letting go of your goals.
  9. Reconnect with your inner wisdom
  10. Discover your life purpose and how to live in alignment
  11. How to set the right intentions for you
  12. Learn the power of saying no.
  13. How to really measure your success
  14. Easy ways to monitor your progress
  15. Simple strategies for overcoming procrastination

and much much more…


8 Modules + worksheets.

Personal email support, encouragement and  accountability.

Program $97

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Simple solutions and empowering strategies to help you breakthrough the anxiety cycle. Learn how your anxiety can actually be used as a tool to help you create the life you have always dreamed of.

30 day program, empowering modules, worksheets and email support.

The Anxiety Solution $33

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Studying creativity isn’t just for artists.


Creativity is what will allow you to start or take  your business to a whole new level.

Creativity is what will allow you to find ways to reach financial freedom

Creativity will enable deep and connected relationships

Creativity will help you find purpose, fulfillment and alignment

Creativity will bring passion, joy and excitement to all areas of your life

What do you get:

30 ways in 30 days to unleash your creative side. It’s light and fun (just like life should be)

30 challenges to be completed on the day or saved for another. Complete at your own pace.

Each challenge will help you to discover your creative side (yes we are all creative, it is just a matter of finding it!)

Some examples below:

How making soup can unleash your creative side.

Stop waiting for the masterpiece, how to get it done and move on

The power of clearing your mind (and how to do it without sitting in meditation)

Add a little twist to your day

Dance like no one is watching. Creativity through movement

Let go of judging today by what you did yesterday

Simple decluttering habits for allowing space to create

Each challenge is designed to help you discover where your creativity is blocked.  Creeate flow instead of resistance with your creativity and take your life to a whole new level.

Personal email support to help you with any guidance or encouragement you may need.

COST $33
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