The Anxiety Solution 30 Day Program


Who is this course for?

Do you suffer with any type of anxiety? low self esteem? self confidence problems?

Are you wanting to overcome shyness?

Do you want to take your life and confidence to a whole new level?

Then you are in the right place!

How will this course help you?

The 30 day Anxiety Solution Program is a course designed to help you live an empowered life while living with anxiety, shyness and low self esteem.

Living with anxiety does not mean that you will not achieve your goals in life.

It does not mean that you are broken or in need of fixing!

Simple tools and empowering strategies. Each module contains worksheets.

Modules will be delivered over a 30 day period, during this time I offer personal email support for any clarification, encouragement or motivation you may need.

I have always suffered with social anxiety and problems with  very low self esteem.. However in 2006  I developed major anxiety and PTSD problems.

It all started when a drunk driver lost control of his car causing him to drive off the road and through the bench I was sitting on. As painful as it was physically I was very lucky. A broken bone, minor surgery, minor head injuries, bruising etc. The police saw the accident occur on their monitor and told me that they were absolutely shocked to find me alive when they arrived.  I was lucky to have people that could take care of me during the first few months of my recovery.

My psychological injuries were far greater. For the first few months my anxiety was so bad that I couldn’t even sit in the front half of the house for fear of a car coming through the window. I only left the house when absolutely essential for physiotherapy or hospital appointments.

I self medicated to numb the anxiety, prescription painkillers, cigarettes, coffee. Eventually I saw psychiatrist and took medication for a little while.

Things gradually improved, but even today, eight years later I need to be very aware of anxiety taking over.

I can find myself being controlled by anxiety.

Today I run an online business. I am a full time property investor and manage a property renovation business. I have a beautiful daughter and have come a long long way from the days of not being able to get out of bed.

I have found strategies and techniques  that work for me and I hope to help other people suffering with mild to severe anxiety.

This program will also help anyone suffering with insecurity,  self doubt, limiting beliefs.

This is a 30 day program delivered in short modules to be studied at your own pace.

I provide personal email support.

For more info check out the FAQ section here.

With Love


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Please leave your details below to receive your free copy of Module 1 from the Anxiety Solution Program. I answer all of my emails personally so it can sometimes take a couple of hours to get back to you, especially with time differences. Please let me know if you don’t receive an email from me within 24 hours.


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